About Us

The Beginning (1987-1990)

The firm was established in 1987 by Ronald and Monica Mazany. It began as an Office furniture re-fabricator and manufacturer of wood-trimmed office partitions. In May of 1988 the firm was Incorporated and became "Mazany System Moldings Inc." They bought a commercial building in Jamestown (92 Fairmount Ave.), and started working there.

Exponential Growth (1990-2000)

In 1990 the firm opened “Mazany Office Interiors” a division of the corporation. They renovated the building further to include a showroom and offices. The main function of the business was revised to service clients needs for contract interiors. Mazany Office Interiors provided Interior Design services, Commercial furniture, Wall coverings, Window treatments, and Flooring materials.

In 1994 the firm purchased the adjoining property which allowed them to build a larger showroom, have a separate warehouse building and a new parking lot.

In 1995 the firm entered the computer age with computer aided drawings (CAD) which allowed them to create more efficient and professional presentations for their clients.

Continuous Improvements (2000-2009)

In 2000 the firm developed the warehouse building (12 Carroll St.) into offices and re-developed (92 Fairmount Ave.) into a offices, training and conferencing center for a client to lease.

In 2001 the firm re-developed (12 Carroll St.) into another leased property, and purchased the adjoining property (20 Carroll St.) which became the main location for the entire firm. The building is 7500 sq. ft. which allowed enough space for a working showroom, conference and warehouse all at one location.

Mazany Office Interiors was large enough to handle any size project, but small enough to give them the personal touch required to provide excellent service.

In 2003 many changes occurred, we started our online web site which allowed clients to view and order product through our online furniture catalog. The new website also enabled clients to see projects we were working on and to view up to date information about the company.

Taking Business to the Next Level (2009-Present)

As the businesses continued to grow we found the need to expand to Erie PA to support clients in that area.

In 2009 the company opened a new showroom at 163 W. 14th Street “Union Station”. The new showroom allowed the company to display new architectural wall products and a wide range of furniture systems with new finish material for commercial spaces. With the new location and additional product offerings the name of the company was changed to “Mazany Contract Interiors” which was a more accurate description of what the company represents.

In 2011 many additional “Younger” Staff team members were added to the company which brings new ideas, energy and excitement to both locations. The companies now can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media sites.

In 2012, the company added another 2400 sq. ft. building for additional storage purposes. The added space allows Mazany Contract Interiors to store incoming & outgoing products for large projects that are phased out over a longer period of time. The new building has helped manage these large projects, but the need for more space continues!

Future Growth

Mazany Contract Interiors continues to expand and work on projects across the United States. With locations in Erie, PA, Jamestown, NY and Flagler Beach, FL.

Please contact Mazany Contract Interiors for your next commercial interior project.